Rails, React and Node.js experts for the app you have
Unlike most developers we specialize in maintaining and improving existing web and mobile applications.
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For the business that already has a Rails, React or Node.js app
You've already been through the process of designing, developing, and launching your app, and now...

  • The MVP you've been patching for months is looking a lot less viable right now.
  • Your development team is frustrated and slowed down by technical debt.
  • It's hard to confidently add new features for your customers.
Volt are the only developers uniquely focused on helping customers like SaaS businesses with their existing or legacy Rails, React or Node.js applications.

What People Are Saying
"Their diverse team produces proficient code, has impecable project management skills, and utilizes a disciplined approach. All of this results in a mature, viable product"
David Wagner
"They are problem solvers and always deliver on their commitments. We were able to drop them into any situation and they could figure out what needed to be done, with limited oversight."
Samuel Willson
"Volt is amazing. Features that used to take months, were only taking weeks and we were able to iterate quickly. If you get the chance to work with them, do it. Simple as that."
Olga Bell
See What We Can Do For Your Business
You've already been through the process of designing, developing, and launching your application. The cost of repeating this process combined with the cost of migrating and the risk of losing knowledge baked into your existing app is all too often greater than the cost of renovating an existing site.

For a production SaaS app a rewrite means replacing a working asset. We can help solve frustrations and keep you, your team, and your business moving along.

Code & Project Audits
A Code & Project Audit is like a physical exam. It's a diagnostic, an opportunity to assess your situation and develop some initial solutions.
Sanity Check
A basic checkup, we'll assess your codebase against standard rubrics like how your app is structured as well as a customer questionnaire including known pain points and planned business requirements.

Comprehensive Roadmap
The comprehensive roadmap builds off of the basic check to provide you with deeper insight into your app and a confident plan for how to attack both technical issues and business features.
Advice & Support
Whether you need advice for a short term project or an ongoing basis, we can ensure you get the direction and assurance you need, without long term commitments.
Monthly Advisory Retainer
Continuing access to the strategic advice you need, when you need it. Primarily for business owners and team leads working through a significant product transition. The retainer provides unlimited 24/7 access via phone, email, and chat.

Monthly Support Retainer
Designed for clients who need more hands-on assistance, this is a structured engagement. We'll meet weekly with you or your team to work through issues involving your legacy codebase, catalysing your own efforts.

Custom Development
Whether you have an in-house development team that needs to refocus its efforts elsewhere or you're the owner, CFO, CTO, and janitor and need dedicated implementation, we can help.
Project Based
The goal is to define the scope of the project and its goals to develop a fixed scope, discrete project.

Ongoing Development
When the scope is vague or your business needs more indeterminate we can work with you on a by-the-week basis.
Let's start today!
You've already been through the process of designing, developing, and launching your site... greenfield development and legacy work are similar and yet as different as building from scratch is from renovating an existing building.

We work with clients on one-off projects and long-term engagements based on your technical and business needs.
Meet our team
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
Victor Zagorski
Backend Team Lead
Ksenia Svetlichnaya
Project Management Team Lead
Alexander Prozorov
Frontend Team Lead
Ivan Kuzmin
Business Analyst
Irina Vyalova
HR Manager
Yulia Solop
Project Manager
Katerina Ivanova
Design Team Lead
Alex Ponomarev
Founder & CEO
Andrey Mamchich
QA Engineer
Eldar Iskhakov
Backend Developer
Kirill Lomanov
Frontend Developer
Nikita Luparev
Frontend Developer
Nikolay Popov
Backend Developer
Pavel Kosicin
QA Engineer
Ruslan Khayrullin
Frontend Developer
Stanislav Kulik
Backend Developer
Vyacheslav Voytovich
Backend Developer
Dmitri Babenko
Frontend Developer

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